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Library Renovation & Organization

Library Renovations Suggested by Students

*Re-organize library to be more student friendly
*Add color to our library
*Expand the size of the Media classroom
*Create a Student Lounge
*Provide Flexible Seating in the classroom

Genrification of the Fiction Section of the Library

In order to create a library that was easier to navigate, we genrified our Fiction area.  Books are no longer housed only by author's last name.  Now, our books are placed in various genres (like Adventure, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Graphic Novels and so forth) and then organized alphabetically by author. This helps students find the types of books that appeal most to them.

Categorization of the Everybody Section of the Library

We created similar sections in the Everybody (picture book) section of the library.  We have many genres but we have also included a section for Learning, Nature, Feelings, Holidays and more.  This also makes it easy for students to find books about animals or books about sports - whatever their interests are, we have a section for them.

Adding Color to our Library

Students notices that some of the areas of the library were a bit sterile and lacked color.  Since then, we have added many brightly colored stuffed animals to our bookshelves and we will be painting various squares on the neutrally colored wall in the classroom over MEA weekend.

Student Lounge Area

Students asked about our teacher's lounge and then began to wonder why they didn't have a lounge area.  We have now created a lounge area with bean bag chairs, bungee chairs, camp chairs, and butterfly chairs. Students have a bookshelf (bubblegum books) with hundreds of books that are specifically for kids who forgot to return their book.  If they are unable to check out books, there are the "bubblegum" books that they can hang out and read while waiting for the other kids to checkout their books.

Increased Classroom Size and Flexible Seating

Students had asked for more room in the classroom in order to do the experiments, coding, engineering challenges that they love.  We created a floor plan that moved bookshelves in order to create "half-walls".  Our classroom size has doubled and we are more comfortable.  We are better able to work on projects and move about the room to best accommodate our activities. We have also implemented Flexible Seating.  This includes wobble cushions for sitting on the floor, crate chairs, small stools, exercise ball chairs, rugs, seat cushions, and small and large exercise balls.  This allows students to choose where they work best and sit there.  It also allows them to choose different seating for different activities.  

Stacie Alison, Library Media Specialist
Joyce Talbott, Library Media Paraprofessional

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